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Spain Vacations

Welcome to Spain

Time to explore the sunniest destinations Spain has to offer: Malaga, Ibiza, the Canary Islands, and Mallorca! Palma’s medieval architecture mingles with Mediterranean ease, Tenerife’s stunning sites meet modern European amenities, and Ibiza’s lively nightlife is rivaled only by its golden sands. This is Spain—where the sun is hot, nightlife is a way of life, and the beaches beckon your next adventure.


  • LANZAROTE, Canary Islands

    If you’re looking for year-round sun and mild temperatures, black sand and amber beaches, stunning volcanic landscapes, chic dwellings, eco-friendly activities, black-ash vineyards, classy cuisine, and all of the culture and elegance of a European vacation without the overdevelopment, Lanzarote ticks all the boxes! The Canary Island’s hidden gem, this island boasts raw beauty and dances to a beat all its own.

    Do a little sol searching in Malaga! You may know it as the birthplace of Picasso, but this sunny Andalusian city has enough modern charm to rival its rich history. Here, you can bask in the beautiful beaches along the Costa del Sol, savor Michelin-star restaurants, visit a myriad of museums, and enjoy other rich cultural experiences. This south Spain star is sure to surprise you with its unique spin on fun in the sun!

    Long celebrated for its vibrant nightlife and boho charm, Ibiza has more to offer than world-class clubbing and chic crowds. Tucked into this Mediterranean island are coves of simple serenity, World Heritage historical spots, pockets of rural pines, and pretty vistas and hidden culinary gems waiting to be uncovered. Unrivaled sunsets and white-sand beaches are the norm in Ibiza, so pack your swimsuit and your sense of adventure and prepare to go with the unique flow of this traveler’s haven.
  • TENERIFE, Canary Islands

    Welcome to Tenerife, where laid-back island life meets refined Euro culture. The most popular of the Canary Islands, Tenerife gets comes by its reputation as a must-visit destination honestly. Offering striking beach scenes, luxury resorts, and Spain’s tallest mountain, there’s so much to do and see here, it’s easy to overlook the opportunity to kick back in the sand and do nothing at all. Come during Carnival and you’ll experience the 2nd biggest celebration in the world, second only to Rio’s infamous parade and party.

    Practically synonymous with “Mediterranean beauty,” Mallorca’s allure is timeless. Romantic coves dot the island’s shores, while Palma’s culinary charms delight even the most enthusiastic foodies. You can hike, dine, swim, stargaze, kitesurf, or soak up the sun. Take in a summer festival or tour Palma’s cathedral. Seek serenity along the shore or party the Spanish way, into the wee hours of the morning. Mallorca’s unparalleled beauty and bountiful experiences make it the perfect getaway for any traveler.