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Italy Vacations

Welcome to Italy

Picture the stories corridors of Catania and the piazzas of Palermo, also known as one of Europe’s best urban beach destinations. An Italian beach holiday offers all the sun and sand you could ask for, plus the timeless culture —and cuisine—of Italy! Enjoy the finer things in life, from famous frescoes to al fresco dining—in an elegant destination that tops almost any traveler’s bucket list!



    Come for the beach, stay for everything else! Catania has come into its own as a Sicilian hotspot, thanks to its rich culture, tasty cuisine, fabulous shopping, and stunning shores. With Mt. Etna looming over the horizon, Catania offers the true Sicilian experience, where the finer things in life are enjoyed daily. Go for a nature hike, check out the famed fish market, take in the architecture, or just enjoy a day in the sun—Catania is sure to surprise and delight you!

    Sicily’s gem begs exploration. Here is a place at the crossroads of history and modernity, beach culture and highbrow taste. If you’re looking for a unique vacation that offers all the best of European beaches, bars, restaurants, and culture, then look no further than Palermo. Markets, theaters, cafes, cathedrals, museums—this city has so much going for it, you can opt to do it all or choose to do nothing aside from lounging on Mondello beach!