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Bermuda Vacations

Delightful English heritage mixes with American and Caribbean influences in Bermuda. Comprised of dozens of islands; each with captivating beaches, picturesque cliffs, and sensational coves offers vacationers a chance to experience a captivating getaway. There are so many different ways to explore the area. Walk along the southern shore’s warm pink sands, dive into emerald waters filled with hundreds of colorful fish, go on a whale watching tour, or enjoy an afternoon at a posh tea room. The area is also studded with cricket yards and golf courses, so grab your gear and head out for a game or two.

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Bermuda Vacations

Where Old World charm meets New World splendor... Delightful English heritage mixed with American and Caribbean influences, discover the dozens of islands that make up Bermuda. Captivating beaches surround picturesque cliffs and coves, and posh tea rooms overlook perfectly trimmed cricket yards and golf courses. Join in on a rousing round of cricket, Bermuda's top sporting event. Pink sand is predominant along the southern shore, most notably at South Shore Park. Dive into Bermuda's emerald waters with more than 650 species of colorful fish. 570 miles east of North Carolina, Bermuda's climate is ideal for summer vacations.



The humidity in Bermuda is highest during July and August. Bermuda is warmed year-round by the Gulf Stream, and temperatures rarely drop below 55 F or exceed 90 F.


Travel to Bermuda

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