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Bonaire Vacations

Part of the Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire overflows with natural beauty.

Welcome to Bonaire

Bonaire is a unique tropical island that mixes a dramatic landscape with unbeatable underwater beauty. Lesser known than many of its Caribbean counterparts, Bonaire has managed to keep its raw natural beauty under the radar, making it a less crowded gem for water lovers. Gentle trade winds and calm seas provide the perfect mix for watersports. Snorkel or scuba dive from the shoreline at any of the Marine Park’s 80 sites. It’s truly a getaway that will get you away from it all.

What to Do in Bonaire

  • Lac Bay

    Breathtaking Lac Bay is not just a haven for sea turtles and conchs—it’s also home to some of the world’s best windsurfing.  The bay offers mangrove stands and wetland habitats, along with ample opportunities for kayaking and paddling, and of course, lounging in the sun and enjoying the view!

  • Washington-Slagbaii National Park

    The northern tip of Bonaire boasts an unusual desert landscape and a not-to-be-missed opportunity for exploration. Marked trails mean hiking or cycling opportunities are plentiful. Expect a truly remarkable experience in the natural world.
  • Bonaire National Marine Park

    Bonaire National Marine Park, the result of a commitment to conservation and the island’s exquisite natural resources, includes miles of pristine coral reefs pulsing with color and life just steps off the Bonaire beach. In fact, the island’s entire coast is part of this rare ecosystem, with over 80 dive sites and countless opportunities to get up close and personal with precious sea life.