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Anguilla Vacations

Discover 33 pristine beaches, view the most beautiful landscapes, visit cultural landmarks, or brush up on your golf game. This island is truly extraordinary.

Welcome to Anguilla

White sand beaches. Sea-grape trees. Coconut palms. Endless sun and sea. If you’re seeking a picture-perfect Caribbean paradise, then you won’t be disappointed here. Once you get on island time, you’ll find a lot to do and explore—at your own leisurely pace, that is.  

What to Do in Anguilla

  • Shoal Bay East

    If it’s a calm atmosphere and clear waters you seek, Shoal Bay East is everything a Caribbean traveler could ask. Even in the height of high season, the setting is laid-back and quiet. This marvelous spot is a 2-mile stretch of shells and sand that offer unmatched beach time and stellar snorkeling.

  • Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve

    Even if you’ve never heard of local reggae star Bankie Banx, a visit to this special spot is worth your time! Here, Banx transformed shipwrecked boats, old coconut trees, and driftwood into every island-goer’s dream: a kind of giant tree house on the beach where you can eat, drink, and chill out. There’s regular live music and a unique atmosphere that will ensure you never, ever want to leave.
  • Sandy Island

    Take a quick boat ride (maybe longer if you encounter sea life!) to this solar-powered little islet and you’ll find beautiful sands that meet clear, sapphire waters—the definition of getting away from it all. You can fulfill a snorkeling dream and possibly encounter sea turtles amidst the coral. And there’s even an on-site restaurant that serves up sizzling fare for hungry beachgoers (there’s a bar, too, with plenty of cold rum cocktails).