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Virgin Gorda Vacations

The perfect escape, Virgin Gorda offers a mix of unspoiled beaches and trails, plus plenty of history and culture to keep things interesting.

Welcome to Virgin Gorda

The gem of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda boasts the same stunning beaches and tropical beauty as its Caribbean counterparts, without the crowds. Find out for yourself why movie stars and bigwigs have chosen to make this gorgeous island their home away from home.

What to Do in Virgin Gorda

  • Savannah bay

    Looking for more than a mile of white, powdery sand? Savannah Bay provides ample opportunities for long beach walks, unbeatable sunsets, calm waters, and surprisingly thin crowds. There’s little shade, though, so pack that sunscreen and sunhat!
  • Copper Mine National Park

    It’s a wild, winding ride to reach this site, but we think it’s well worth it! Here, you’ll encounter stone ruins from the mine, which Cornish miners worked in the 1800’s to extract tons of copper. With the sea sparkling below, walking this site can be a real treat.
  • The Baths

    The island’s top attraction, this collection tall boulders – volcanic-lava from millions of years ago – form a park full of grottoes flooded by the sea, making for rare opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, and hiking. Take the unforgettable trail to Devil's Bay.