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Arizona Vacations

Year-round sunshine, natural wonders, world-renowned spas, and a flair for the dramatic (vistas, that is)—Arizona is breathtakingly beautiful.

Welcome to Arizona

Visit awe-inspiring Arizona and finally make it to the Grand Canyon! Unearth the drama of the Southwest’s famed saguaro-studded high desert, explore the art, spas, nightlife, and cuisine of metropolitan Phoenix or Tucson, or discover Flagstaff’s Ponderosa pines and irresistible charm. If you’re looking for year-round sun, world-class amenities, rare outdoor experiences, and indescribable landscapes, then look no further than the great state of Arizona.

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Featured Destinations

  • The Grand Canyon

    If you have never seen the Grand Canyon, then it’s high time you take in the dramatic and awe-inspiring view.  If you have already made it to the North or South Rim, then you know that once just isn’t enough! Whether you’re visiting the world-famous National Park for the first or fortieth time, be prepared to be amazed by one of the most unimaginable sites on the planet. Pictures don’t do it justice! For a perfect vacation, pair your Grand Canyon visit with a few days in Flagstaff, the charming high-desert city with a lot to offer! Historical and bustling with beer breweries and eateries, this pedestrian-friendly spot is a sweet addition to your Grand Canyon vacation.
  • Tucson

    Lest you think the southwest is all about outdoor activities, Tucson is here to show you just how diverse and entertaining a Southwestern city can really be! Charming neighborhoods and architecture give this Arizona spot a bit more character than some of its counterparts, while eclectic boutiques and vintage shops, restaurants, and cafes offer up days of things to do. Of course, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had here, too, if that’s what you crave!
  • Phoenix

    Arizona’s biggest city is a big draw, especially when you take into account how much there is to do here! Cultural institutions like museums, desert botanical gardens, and galleries join a thriving food scene and unique outdoor experiences to create one dynamic and desirable metropolis. Nearby Scottsdale and Mesa are a great way to spend an afternoon. And with over 300 days of sun a year, you can plan outdoor activities galore!

  • Sedona

    This red-rock city has long been a haven for alternative medicine, spirituality, and healing, but recently, Sedona has evolved into an epicenter for wellness travelers, spa-goers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Not a fan of vortexes and crystals? Don’t worry, there’s tons to do in this compact city that boasts as much natural beauty as it does classy amenities. Art galleries and restaurants abound, as do shops, heritage sites, and more!