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South Pacific

South Pacific

Bora Bora. Fiji. Tahiti. The storied names themselves conjure visions of white sand, tranquil azure seas, green swaying palms, and beautiful bungalows. Whatever your expectations are for your next tropical vacation—the South Pacific islands are waiting to exceed them!

Apple Vacations has expanded its product line to bring you the best of the South Pacific’s stunning beauty and sheer serenity, where the sea washes away your worries and the sun restores your energy and passion. Sail away into the sunset and travel farther than you ever thought possible, confident that the company you already know and trust, Apple Vacations, is at the helm of your South Pacific getaway.

Featured Islands

  • Bora Bora: Jewel of the South Seas

    Bora Bora shines as French Polynesia's most precious gem. Known as a romantic haven of unbridled beauty, the island boasts a translucent lagoon, lush mountains, and overwater bungalows. Engage in world-class water activities like diving, snorkeling, or kiteboarding or just lounge under a palm and take in the stunning view. Check Bora Bora off your bucket list and see for yourself why this storied island is beloved by all who visit.

  • Tahiti: The Queen of the Islands

    Just the word—Tahiti—is synonymous with tropical paradise. The largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti meets the ocean with grandeaur and holds within it a nearly untouched interior of verdant mountain valleys, clear streams, and awe-inspiring waterfalls. Get away from it all and soak in the serenity of the island’s raw landscapes, or enjoy the capital of Papeete and its world-class restaurants, accommodations, spas, nightlife, and shopping.

  • Fiji: What Will Your Adventure Be?

    Fiji is the heart of the South Pacific, comprised of 333 tropical islands that are home to some of the most welcoming vistas—and people—imaginable. A dream destination for adventurous travelers, Fiji boasts a mixture of raw tropical beauty and luxe private islands, all-inclusive resorts and premium pampering spas, culinary adventures and outdoor activities. Get lost in Fiji, where you’ll never want to be found.