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A cozy coastal getaway is not just a change of scenery; it's a chance to immerse yourself in the laidback vacation lifestyle, picking up hobbies you love and discovering new ones along the way! The latest “coastal grandmother” craze highlights classic, aesthetic hobbies, like mahjong, needlepoint, and everyone’s new favorite sport, pickleball. Let’s look at some of our favorite seaside destinations and must-try activities that embody what it means to be a coastal grandmother, or as we like to call it, coastal grandmillennial!


There’s a reason why Florida is a haven for vacationers and retirees! The Sunshine State lulls you into an utter state of relaxation, letting your mind focus on nothing but the present moment. It’s the perfect place to try your hand at needlepoint, a soothing craft that allows you to unwind while creating intricate designs with vibrant threads. It’s like painting, but with yarn, you start with a blank canvas, a needle, and colorful threads, and the outcome is beautifully stitched designs!


Now, let's head over to the One Happy Island of Aruba! Aruba’s happy reputation can be seen through its lively culture, breathtaking beaches, and nearly year-round sunshine. The small Caribbean island has a great sense of community, making it the perfect place to play a game of mahjong, a great game for socializing. Mahjong is all about strategy and connection, where you match tiles in sets and sequences while engaging in a playful battle of wits. It’s a wonderful way to bond with friends and family while enjoying the joyful spirit of Aruba.


Along with its crystal-clear beaches and relaxing resorts, the Bahamas is jam-packed with activities. Pack your best tennis attire and get a friendly game of pickleball rolling. It’s a great way to stay active while spending quality time and having fun with your loved ones. Pickleball is easy to pick up, making it the perfect addition to your Bahamas adventure.

If you’re ready to set your inner coastal grandmillennial free, it’s time to embrace the linen shirts, beach hats, and activities on your next Apple Vacations. Book your cozy coastal getaway today!

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