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Been dreaming of the soothing aura of the sun and sand but can't make it there anytime soon? With a touch of creativity and a dash of DIY charm, you can bring the shores of destinations like Aruba, Florida, and the Bahamas right into the heart of your home. These simple yet delightful projects will whisk you away to the beach, even when you’re miles away from the shore.

Decorate with Shells

 Grab some shells from your last beach outing (or pick up a few from the craft store) and breathe new life into an old mirror or frame. Adorn the edges with these treasures from the sea, letting their natural beauty enhance your living space with coastal grandmother vibes.

Seashell and pearl gold picture frame design on blue background

Craft Pottery and Jewelry Dishes

Unleash your inner artisan by creating delicate dishes perfect for holding your favorite trinkets. Not into pottery? Get crafty and try making a jewelry dish using air-dry clay. Shape the clay into a shallow dish, then press seashells or starfish into the surface for a textured finish. Once finished, your handmade dish will serve as a beautiful reminder of the sea.

Silver ring with blue stone on ceramic ring holder and artificial green sand with seashells on a blue background

Create a Garland or Wreath

 Add a touch of coastal charm to your home with a garland or wreath made from natural materials. String together seashells and beads to create a whimsical garland to hang above doorways or along mantels. Or create a wreath using driftwood branches and dried seagrass to add a rustic yet coastal touch to your home décor.

Wreath of rope with red and blue sea and sea shellsstars made of felt.

With these DIY projects, you can transport yourself to sun and sand bliss without leaving the comfort of your home. And when you're ready for a coastal getaway, you can always find your ticket to sandy shores and sunny skies with Apple Vacations. 

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