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Known as the Marlin Capital of the World, Los Cabos opens its arms to championship fisherman, diving enthusiasts, and Experiential Travelers who want to delve into the area’s natural surroundings and historical landmarks. Plus, with an average year-round temperature of 78°F and over 300 days of sunshine, Los Cabos is an ideal spot for your Someday Getaway.

Ready to dive into this tropical paradise? Come along and join us!

Fun For All

You’ve made your travel plans. Your bags are packed and ready to go. The only issue you’re having? Figuring out what to do while you’re in Cabo! Fair warning: you might have a hard time choosing. Explore the protected National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo, discover hidden gems on an ATV, take a catamaran ride across crystal blue waters, go horseback riding through the desert, parasail over Cabo San Lucas Bay, and so much more. The choices in this tropical oasis are endless. 

Exceptional Eats

There’s nothing like tasting the food that defines a region, and Los Cabos is no stranger to exciting flavors and mouthwatering dishes. If your idea of travel revolves around an endless assortment of delectable eats, then you’re in luck! Channel your inner foodie and embrace the outstanding cuisine that awaits you –  including fine dining and budget-friendly local favorites. Vegan and vegetarian options also ensure that nobody will feel left out at the table. On top of that, you’ll find that select dining destinations offer sensational views that are a true feast for the eyes. Dinner and a view? Yes, please!  

To The Beach! 

If you’re a Beach Worshipper, you want nothing more than to sprawl out onto warm sand and soak up the sun. Not into sunbathing? Then you definitely enjoy a good book, a cold drink, an amazing sunset, or an afternoon filled with watersports like diving and snorkeling.  

Head on over to the secluded Lover’s Beach, which sits just along the El Arco rock formation, and enjoy a perfect view of Neptune’s Finger. Here, you’ll find one of the area’s most popular diving spots that can only be accessed via kayak, water taxi, or boat. Travel just a little further down and you’ll find Divorce Beach – the perfect spot to catch a beautiful sunset or to sunbathe. 

Light Up The Night 

You’ve spent your day coasting along crystal waters, eating the most decadent food, and lounging on pristine beaches. Now it’s time to own the night. Los Cabos has so many options when it comes to evening entertainment, including poolside dance parties, authentic Mariachi bands, and world-class music festivals. Whether you love the smooth sounds of Jazz or the dance-inducing beats of a local DJ, you’re sure to find the perfect way to cap off your night. 

The excitement never ends in Los Cabos! You’ll enjoy this and so much more when you embark on your Someday Getaway. 


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