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The new Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa is a bright and stylish 5-star beachfront hotel located in a privileged spot of Mexican Caribbean, Costa Mujeres beach, about 30 min away from the town of Cancún and its international airport. The Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa, built ensuring the minimum environmental impact and the protection of the native species, stands apart for its architectonical modern design and the top-quality services offered, elevating the “all inclusive” concept to a new luxury level.

Guests of the resorts will discover the true spirit of Mexico, from its paradisiac white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters to its wonderful nearby ancient Mayan civilization vestiges. Surrounded by a virgin area full of mangroves, wild fauna and flora, in Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa you can enjoy a deep contact with nature and an atmosphere of exclusive peace and tranquillity. A wide variety of high quality gastronomy offer, leisure and shopping areas as well as a vibrant nightlife scene will be also part of the experience.

The hotel has 592 luxury rooms with balcony or terrace, hydro massages and stunning views. Guests can enjoy a wide number of top services like 5 swimming pools, spa, gym, kids club and many premium features such as direct access to the swim-up pools of some suites. A modern amphitheatre with 360 grades scenario visibility, a Beach club with amazing views, a convention centre and impressive sportive installations are only some of the 5-star benefits.


Costa Mujeres
Cancun International Airport (CUN) : 18 miles


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Hotel Advisories

Advisory The Municipal Government of Benito Juarez will be charging all guests in the area of Cancun and Puerto Morelos an Environmental Sanitation Tax of a minimum $30.00 Mexican Pesos (approx. $1.60 USD) per room per night. This amount is not included in your vacation price and will be collected at your hotel. These funds are being used to protect, maintain and conserve the extraordinary beauty of the area.

General Policies & Fine Print

General Policies:

Check-in Policy - Hotel requires a credit/debit card authorization or cash deposit upon check-in for incidentals; this will place a hold on your funds. 

Convention Policy - Individuals attending a convention cannot book this property for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be subject to higher room rates upon arrival.

Hotel Spring Break Policy - This hotel cannot guarantee a spring-break-free environment.

Transfer Policy - A price may display when children stay free, if your vacation includes transfer to your hotel.

General Information - Room taxes and service fees are included in vacation price.  Minimum night stay restrictions may apply.  Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

Customer Ratings & Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

4.5 star tripadvisor rating 2109 reviews
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Isla blanca

    We enjoyed our vacation... Are at each restaurant and never had a bad meal. The food at the buffet was fresh and delicious. Every waiter made our meals relaxed and catered to our needs. Special thanks the Diddier for making our last meal special

    Nov 12, 2019
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Grand Palladium Costa Mujerjes Resort was amazing.

    In celebration of my husband's birthday, we spent 3 nights at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres prior to a 7 day business conference at neighboring resort The experience unexpectedly delightful. First, I was so impressed with the high level of personalized customer serviced offered, we had what seemed to be a personal attendant upon arrival, she took time and care to explain every feature of the room, and made sure all our needs were met, very graciously and unhurriedly. Second, the food was Phenom! The selection at buffet was varied, fresh and tasty. Third, I wold recommend the stretch class offered at 10am on the beach, the instructor named Adrian was so professional, trained and he accomodated me tremendously, we were on beach beginning class (no other attendees) and he noticed that a storm cloud was approaching and rain would begin soon. I, being from the desert, loving the rain, said I would not mind continuing the stretch class in the rain if he did not mind (his polo and golf shorts and all), he graciously agreed, and continued offering his excellent class with flexibility (in more ways than one - given it was a stretch class:) I was so impressed at his willingness to provide this rain immersive stretch class for me, torrential rain and all, and will say it provided a highlight of my visit to Cancun. All with kindness and professionalism. Secondly, Belem was one of our personal attendants in the Family section (Building 12). She was so sweet and helpful, aware of our itenerary and needs and accommodating at every level. This resort clearly trains their employees how to provide caring, personalized and flexible customer service to its clients. I highly recommend this resort. Everything was so clean and new. This is a highly recommended resort from my perspective, and I hope to bring extended family here in the future - great place for kids and adults alike. Teresa

    Nov 11, 2019
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Looks good on the surface but hotel run down, damp and service not good

    I want to leave a detailed review because I feel like the things that annoyed me about our stay could easily go missed and unreported but as they built up throughout our holiday we left the resort feeling quite disheartened and pleased to be going home. 1 - The first thing was the mosquitos, which I do appreciate is not the hotels fault, but I do wish there had been more warning on how many there were. The cleaning staff leave the room door open every day when they clean so after killing all that we could find in our room, we would come back to eight more in the room. On the first night I was bitten to pieces (I had over 30 bites from one night). I also had a pretty severe allergic reaction to them, so I went to the congierge and showed the bites and asked if they could order me some bite cream for itching from the pharmacy, when it arrived, it was actually repellent cream. When i informed the concierge of this she told me they wouldn't sell bite cream. I went to Cancun and asked and they said every local pharmacy would sell it. This trip cost us $80 dollars. 2. You can't order bottled water in bars or restaurants, it all comes in a glass bottle that they are obviously refilling behind the scenes. I think it probably is filtered but upon arrival this was a bit concerning as we weren't sure if it was tap water or not. 3. Mould and damp in room. For a hotel that is only a year old, it was a shame to walk into the room and smell mould almost instantly. There was clear mould marks on the wall and the decorative cushions STUNK and had mould on them. This meant that every night the bed sheets felt DAMP and you would wake up feeling all clamy in the night. We have come home and had to wash everything in our suitcases as even the clean stuff now smells earthy and damp.This was commented on by another visitor in a review further down and the reponse promised they would do something about it, they clearly haven't. 4. The Aircon never made the room feel cold. We had it on the lowest setting (13 degrees) and still would wake up sweating in the night. 5. General cleanliness of room. When we arrived there was a dark hair in the bath and a bar of soap covered in dark hair in the shower. Also if you look behind beds or in light fixtures they are crazy dusty, if you walk around the floor barefoot your feet will be covered in dirt. 6. On arrival we were pushed to speak to a travel club rep who tried to make us attend a sales breakfast meeting the day after we arrived which felt very pushy. We were also constantly approached my photographers and spa sales reps whilst sunbathing. I originally planned to have a massage but the prices (Over $220 for a massage!!) really put me off. 7. The carts RARELY stop for you and are hardly ever going in the right direction, this meant we walked over 12,000 steps most days. 8. We booked a TUI excursion for one of the days, our rep let the bell boy know it was cancelled the night before, apparently he called our room and as we were out so couldn't answer, he didn't try to get hold of us again. This meant we had to wake up at 4am, wait in the lobby for an hour, to find out it was cancelled and the hotel knew the night before. The bell boy also saw us waiting in the lobby that morning and didn't think to let us know. 9. One night we had over 30 woodlice crawl under our door as there is a significant gap underneath, we called reception who assured me someone would come out and no one did. 10. Our phone kept randomly rining and noone would speak on the other end. 11. On our final night the fire alarm went off 6 times in 24 hours, late at night and early in the morning. 12. The door in our bathroom didn't slide to close, the bell boy who dropped us off said he would get it fixed, never did. 13. We went to the beach one day and were kicked out of a section very rudely, which felt like it only happened as we didn't want to speak to a spa sales rep. Apparently it was a family selection section, which wasn't visibly marked anywhere. The section was empty and our section was full, meaning we had to leave the beach. This was a common theme where we were made to feel less than TRS and Family Selection members. 14. I had a bad case of what I imagine was Cyclospora a few days after arrival which lasted a week. Some chefs you see emerging from the kitchens had very dirty uniforms and didn't seem very hygienic. 15. The food was average to poor and very often the restaurant you wanted to attend would be closed once you arrived. No one told you this would happen and the app was often wrong. Overall, I feel like you were made to feel unappreciated, ignored and for a hotel that is only a year old, it already feels very run down. Wouldn't recommend, and wouldn't complain directly to the hotel as they made a habit of doing absolutely nothing about your concerns or complaints whilst visiting.

    Nov 11, 2019
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Worst Experience Ever

    I travel A LOT and have never written a bad review. I do not even know where to begin with this review, because the entire experience was the worst we all have ever had at a resort. 1. Reserved our room 5 months ago, 2 bedroom, 2 bath loft. Ended up in a 1 bedroom 2 bath loft. All others booked. How is that when we booked 5 months ago. 2. AC upstairs and downstairs not working. They supposedly fixed next day. Well 1am in the morning my travel partner gets up and falls in a water puddle from the AC on the 1st floor of the loft and hurts herself (they had no concern), and upstairs AC again not working. Our AC went out 3 times in a 6 day stay. 3. We had no water or steamer as was in other rooms. Took 2 days, 13 phone calls, of which each time stated someone on the way, even a manager calling and ensuring we would be taken care of immediately. NOPE! end of day 2 we get 4 waters and they bring an iron. Called for steamer took another day. Every single day a manager on call for that day or night would call to ensure we would get water everyday first thing. NOPE again! They even came to our room and advised us to go to Front Desk file complaints. We did, and then again ensured then absolutely we would not have these issues again. NOT ONE DAY WE WERE THERE DID THEY EVER DELIVER WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THRU MANY CALLS AND A MANAGER HAVING TO INTERVENE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. BUT NEXT DAY, BACK TO SAME OLD ROUTINE. NO WATER. 4. To leave 3rd floor the elevator did not work. You had to walk stairs to 2nd floor to take to the ground floor. Entire trip. 5. Room Service we only used twice. 1st time, they never even showed. Had to order again and then was over an hour. 6. The only restaurant we looked forward to was reserve only at hibachi. Tried to book when checked in. Booked up entire 6 day stay 7. Not one single time we called for a cart did one show up. And if we went to the cart pickup locations, they were ALWAYS going opposite direction. It was literally not until night before we left did we get one at the pickup location going the same way. 8. The food in most restaurants was mediocre at best. Breakfast Buffet was good, the Mexican was good. Steak house awful. 9. Beach had seaweed until day before we left. Not their fault, but none the less. 10. Oh and was very upsetting, at pool bar and the sports bar, when you 1st started being served alcohol (Don Julio Silver, to be specific) you were getting Don Patron Silver. At pool after 3pm and at Sports bar after 9pm they were replacing bad alcohol into the premium bottles. When you called them on it, they all look at each other and get the bottle down to show you the bottle while smirking, as they know and the hotel knows. Doesn't matter it's the labeled bottle. It was not what was in it. At pool bar, they just laugh about it. And when I say bad alcohol, not just cheap alcohol, all of us literally had to pour out. It was the most awful tasting tequila (did not even taste like tequila), and it burned our mouth and throats for like an hour afterwards. This was only happening at GP pool and sports bar. At restaurants and the lobby bar they stayed on the up and up. 11. At one of the theatre shows at CHIC one of the male performers, after show, propositioned my friend for money and the door lady was right there. 12. Go to watch TV and batteries were dead to remote. Called for replacement. Said sending someone. NOPE. Took 2 more calls and 2.5 hrs later before anyone showed. (that's if you can get anyone to answer operator or guest services after 10 pm) You have to call, and call and call. No one answers until after Like 10 attempts. Not one time did they offer you anything for all the inconvenience. Not spa, not wine at a restaurant (which you have to pay for) NOTHING. Yet they kept trying to get us to PURCHASE services that were not free. We actually had already purchased a SPA day worth $300 USD. We cancelled. There was no way I would spend my money in that resort. When we checked out, they had the nerve to send a Travel Club liason over, to discuss our issues and tried to blame all of it on off season and that good workers on vacation, and that resort is new, ITS NOT NEW, ITS A YEAR OLD, (there are no excuses for all this craziness) and tried to give us incentive to come back and try again when it was not off season and hotel was more established. We absolutely did not accept, even for a free trip. Just for the record, (1) a huge group of us traveled and 90% had issues and we all agreed would not return. However, we love Palladium in Riviera Maya, where we all went last year for Country Week 2018, and would easily return there. But will never return to Costa Mujeres. Only good thing I can say, it the property looks nice and the maids were very good and the waiters in sports bar. Otherwise, nothing more.

    Nov 10, 2019
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    What a wonderfull Resort with amazing Restaurants!

    We spent 10 nights at the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa. I have to say that the resort and the whole area are almost perfect. A very important point why our holiday was perfect, were the restaurants in the resort. I want to highlight one! The Sumptuori. It is the Japanese restaurant with one of the best sushi I have ever eaten on my world trips. Especially a waiter, I would like to highlight! His name is Eliud! He made our holiday a wonderful experience. Thank you for the perfect service! Kind regards Jens and Monica

    Nov 09, 2019
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