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Have you ever wondered what it's like to live inside a watercolor painting? Visit Venice to find out. Built entirely on water, this ethereal city is a soft melding of imagination and reality, where ornate bridges lace through enchanting canals and the masquerade balls, processions, and street performances of Carnival make surrealism a sure thing. Dashing gondoliers, bold glass-blowers, and nimble-fingered lace-makers all still display their time-honored trades in this 100-island lagoon, while the pigeons that roam San Marco Piazza in the shadow of Venice's largest bell tower seem as unchanged as the churches dating back 1,000 years. The Bridge of Sighs inspires modern-day visitors as much as it did Lord Byron ages ago, and the works of Vivaldi and Monteverdi continue to astound as the notes ring out through the concert halls, an accompaniment to the work of art that is the Floating City.

Boscolo Venezia
Centurion Palace
12 Day Magnificent North
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Situated in a 17th century palatial building that previously served as a French and Savoy embassy, just minutes from the center... more » Located next to Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and looking directly onto the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square, the... more » Take the time to truly discover amazing Italy. From its regional cuisine, fine wines, and romantic atmosphere, Italy offers an... more »
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