Park Royal Mazatlan

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This small, intimate hotel is a beautiful choice for those looking for a relaxing getaway! All rooms face the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean so you can wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed!

Dine in style at La Veranda restaurant and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner cuisine. Menus range from seafood delicacies to fine cuts. For a more romantic evening, dine out on the terrace and soak in beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean! Or, don't even leave your room and take advantage of the 24-hour room service!

Activities are endless at Park Royal Mazatlan. Spend some time in the heated pool, get your heart rate pumping at the fitness center or rejuvenate in the spa. WiFi is complimentary!
Address: 3110 Blvd. Sabalos Cerritos
Marina Mazatlan

Local Phone: +52(998)885-1...
Number of Pools: 1

Heated pool
Health Club / Spa
Nautilus Equipment: Complimentary
Spa: Additional Charge
Mazatlan has 11 miles of soft sand, tall waves for surfing and the largest boardwalk in Latin America, delicious fresh seafood, excellent golf courses and deep sea fishing. This destination also has a picturesque downtown with restaurants & museums. Park Royal Mazatlan is a small and private hotel, all its beautiful rooms face the sea, and the great service combined with the comfortable facilities will help you to relax and unwind or work as if you were at home. Beach:
Year Opened: 0 Credit Cards:
A comfortable room with best ocean view. Choose between a king bed or two double beds.
1 King Bed or 2 Double Beds Other Amenities -
Air Conditioning
Room Service
Hair Dryer
Radio Alarm Clock
Room Safe
A comfortable room with the best ocean view and jacuzzi.
1 King Bed or 2 Double Beds Other Amenities -
Air Conditioning
Room Service
Hair Dryer
Radio Alarm Clock
Room Safe
There are 3 Restaurants at Park Royal Mazatlan:
Lobby Bar - Take in the beautiful ocean view with refreshing cocktails and try our innovative juice therapy bar. Open 12:00pm-11:00pm.
Snack Marlin Azul - Enjoy a selection of snacks and refreshing drinks with the beautiful Pacific Ocean asyour backdrop. Open 11:00am-6:00pm.
La Veranda Restaurant - We're known for our delicious recipes with fresh seafood and fine cuts. You can enjoya meal in our air conditioned area and on the terrace with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Main floor - Buffet. 7:00am-11:00pm.
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lack luster
Selina J,
Mon Apr 09 11:55:58 EDT 2018
Rooms were not made up most days. Very cold inside the rooms, the heat didn't work, not enough blankets. Had to go out and buy a long sleeved PJ. Elevators didn't work for most of the week. Windows had lost their seal and were fooged up. Lack of security in the room, I felt since the windows were accessinle from the lower roof and were not securable. Restaurant service was sub par, Vegetarian options few and far between. Did not have black tea.

Bring lots of earplugs and your hiking shoes!
Sarah D,
Sun Apr 01 12:32:18 EDT 2018
Bring lots of earplugs and your walking shoes to climb the stairs as elevators break down occasionally! We were at this hotel for 28 looong days. The hotel itself can be nice and most of the staff is very friendly but I don’t recommend staying here from Thursday to Sunday or if you are a family, retired or want to relax as there is A LOT of partying and loud music. The walls are not sound proof at all- you can hear all music and people dancing in their rooms. From Monday to Wednesday the hotel is great and quiet but Thursday to Sunday night they allow people to party with super loud music from 1am to 6am and even if you approach the front desk, they will ask them to turn off their music but it will start right back up again. I believe they have a quiet policy but it isn’t ever enforced when we asked. The security guard will ask them to turn the music down then leave without making sure they do. The night manager will not do a thing about the loud music and said they are not security so there was nothing he could do. The day manager said that there was nothing they could do either as there are condos that are owned by people inside the hotel so they can do whatever they want and have their own rules. One of the units on the 9th floor actually has a mariachi band that stays there and subwoofers that plays every single thurs to Sunday from 3am to 8am (I am not kidding!) When chatting with other people at the hotel who had been there for awhile, they said they bought earplugs are were somewhat able to sleep through the racket of the banging of drums from the band in the building but unfortunately oxo, pharmacy and supermarkets around there were all sold out of earplugs so pack your own or you will have to buy some at Home Depot which is about 20 mins away. The pharmacy’s in the golden zone also carry them but they are expensive. When we were there, only one elevator was working for all of 150 or so rooms (in the whole month, they kept saying it was going to be fixed. ) the elevator that does work is super slow and only holds 5 people... but it would also break down a lot and will be out of service, especially during the times people were checking out and arriving so they were ALL not working and they were not fixed until later at night. We were sort of lucky and had to use the stairs to climb up only 8 floors but with 3 young children, stroller and backpacks it became quite the daily climb after the 3-4th time in a day. They opened a new 3rd elevator once when we were there but it broke down right away and it did seem like the elevators broke down often and this was a very common problem. The rooms have no chest of drawers or storage space so you have to live out of your suitcase or have your clothes on top of a table. The bathrooms also have no drawers so everything is left on the counter. I do like how they have lots of beach chairs and how they are out on the sand and the pool is huge (but only 3.5 feet deep max). BUT you can’t reserve chairs by the pool and they fill up very quickly. If you do try to reserve spots with your towel, they remove your towels. So you can only have a poolside chair if you are sitting on it or if you “rent” one of their blue towels. The pool warms up around 2pm but the sun doesn’t come around on it until after 12 so ideal swimming is late afternoon. There is no hot tub but they have outdoor showers to rinse sand off. There are rocks in the ocean in front so it’s not recommended you swim in front of the hotel but you can walk down the beach for 10 mins and find swimming there. It’s in a quiet part of Mazatlan so you don’t hear a lot of noise from the street but you do hear a lot of noise and all the creaking from other rooms. The wifi only works in certain parts of the hotel, Like by the pool or in the lobby or in the hallways (not inside the rooms) but it is super slow and cuts out lots. It is a 4 min cab ride (no more than $50 paso) to Walmart of the mall but would take 45 min to walk and the buses don’t go that way. The windows are very dirty on the outside of the hotel so it’s hard to see the beautiful ocean view unless you are outside on the balcony. Our room was pretty dirty when we arrived and you could tell it had not been used in awhile as brown water came out of all the faucets when we first ran them. The pool was clean as well as the beach in front of the hotel. Key cards had to be reactivated every 2 days as they would stop working which was a pain once you climbed up the stairs and realized it was deactivated. Pizza at the restaurant is just ok but the nachoes were decent. Drinks are expensive and it’s cheaper to buy your own beer at the supermarket down the street if you plan on having a drink. There are tons of quieter hotels around so I suggest if this is the place you want to be up partying until 6am then this is the place for you. It is México and they do love to party so keep that in mind, we will look for somewhere that has a quiet policy strictly enforced next time. We would just try to to go bed earlier to get a couple quiet hours before the band above us decided to play all night. There is pottery painting downstairs which is fun for the kids but it isn’t the best hotel for a family. It is now a time share, a hotel and condo unit so there is a lot of traffic and people in this hotel. They make you wear different coloured bracelets to identify who you are.

Wasted Vacation
Sun Mar 25 06:50:44 EDT 2018
The hotel seems to be a recent acquisition for Royal Holiday. It is not up to par with it's larger properties such as Ixtapa or Cozumel. There are few services offered and it is a considerable distance from the town itself.

Never again!
Ken S,
Sat Mar 17 05:04:33 EDT 2018
Where do I start? DO NOT STAY HERE!! This hotel has 144 rooms. 3 elevators. 2 of which are not working at all. The 1 that does work, is constantly out of order or “in service”. As far as “quiet time” goes, what a joke this is. My family and I are constantly been woke up by loud music, screaming and partying usually starting after the bars begin to shut down. Security and management will not do anything about it all. Even after speaking to the general manager Juan, we were reassured that this will not be an issue moving forward. Now 14 hours after our conversation, another massive party on the floor above us. We contacted front desk and they said security would deal with it. Music and partying still going on. What a poorly run hotel.

Muy bueno
lulita2017, Mexico City, Mexico
Mon Mar 12 14:44:41 EDT 2018
The location of the hotel is excellent, the beach and the pool area are spectacular, small not a great resort, with all the comforts, the view from the room is totally ocean view - I think that by the location all must have that such an amazing view. As for maintenance, it is not new, it needs to be renewed, the elevators stop working suddenly and gests congested and are very slow, it is something that should be improved, the spa is very well placed, the room windows must be cleaned so you can have access to that incredible view. I recommend it totally because I loved the location and the beach

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